Monday, February 13, 2012

A love story

Marriage is difficult regardless and so are the relation with the in-laws.

Kumar was poor but cunning and with a strong drive to succeed. He left his native India in search for riches and social standing. After much toil and sacrifice he was able to buy a small dingy motel in Texas and made enough dough to send his pride an joy to college.

In college, the son participated in an exchange program with the ITESM and spend a semester in Monterrey. There, he met a Mexican girl and decided to marry her. She was white and everything that Kumar wanted to be: rich, educated, and of high social standing. Her family strongly objected to the marriage on social, cultural, and racial grounds but she believed in love, married and went to live in Texas with her husband.

Kumar was incensed by the betrayal of his dream. He had struggled all his life to climb the social ladder and his son had shatter the dream by marrying into a lower cast. For him Mexican was synonymous with illiterate undocumented servant and the shame was unbearable. The only thing left was to take revenge so he killed the Mexican bitch.

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