Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Human rights in Honduras

the Honduran people have suffered a catastrophic level of violence and repression that has recently led the United Nations to deem Honduras the most dangerous country in the world.
During those years, there have beenover 300 political assassinations. Just this Monday, a young member of the Honduran resistance movement was murdered.
Still, many Hondurans valiantly stand up against injustice and rampant impunity in their country, and the members of Witness for Peace have stood with them. We will continue to do so as long as U.S. policy contributes to human rights abuses there.
Military and police aid are expected to increase to nearly $7 million in 2013. This only an opportunity for more violence.
With your help, this week over 80 members of Congress signed a letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton demanding that the State Department pressure the Honduran government to fully investigate and resolve cases of violence against LGBTQI Hondurans, and to take steps to protect such individuals. The letter reaffirms the State Department's own reports that U.S.-backed Honduran security forces themselves have targeted LGBTQI Hondurans. U.S. money and guns are only making this situation worse. Click here NOW to tell your Senators and Congressperson that you don't want any more U.S. tax dollars subsidizing human rights abuses!

To further support your advocacy for Honduras, Witness for Peace has created a Honduras Solidarity Action Toolkit, filled with useful resources and information, to help you organize solidarity actions in your community. 
For more information on solidarity events and actions in your area, contact your regional organizer or the National Grassroots Organizer.
Thank you for all that you do to promote human rights and justice in Honduras and throughout the Americas!

In nonviolent struggle and solidarity,

The WfP Honduras Working Group (Amy, Susan, Kristen, Elise, Walker, Tanya, Austin, Sharon, Riahl, Christine and Brooke)

There is a human rights crisis in Honduras and ground zero is the Bajo Aguán region.

Forty-five people have been killed in the Bajo Aguán since September 2009. And a recent Center for Constitutional Rights report finds numerous cases of assassinations, harassment and threats against individuals who have spoken out against or reported on police corruption in recent months.

That’s why we need you to take action again today.

Last year you helped get 87 members of Congress to sign a letter asking Secretary Clinton to halt military and police aid to Honduras.

Because of that letter and other advocacy efforts, at the end of 2011 the State Department placed conditions on military and police aid to Honduras. However human rights violations have continued.

Ask your representative in Washington to stop fueling militarization in Honduras. Please take one minute to contact your representatives now to ask them to sign on to a new Dear Colleague letter circulating in the House.

In solidarity,

Brooke Denmark, Christine Goffredo and Riahl O’Malley
Witness for Peace Nicaragua International Team

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